From and For Calligraphy With LOVE

Each and every arcasha product is fully handmade in Romania according to fair trade practices, established by long-term relationships due to my experience. With passion, I focus on working with a tremendous respect for environment, which goes far beyond the production process.
Grafissimo, the new calligraphic art applied project wants to inspire, sustain and keep alive the handwriting passion of people from everywhere.


Because handwriting implies emotions! The words make connection between people and their experiences. Letters, sound are born while we resonate with the people and the environment around us. Calligraphy, versus taping, make everything, from ourselves, the community where we work in, to have more joy, sensitivity, pleasure, a better connection. Calligraphy defines a lively communication, a personal one. 


Arcasha’s products are made with as much love and attention as it was designed. Handicraft techniques with great care and precision give the products its authentic style. Each lamp, pillow or upholstery is handmade and therefore unique and provided with a personal touch. By combining sustainability with soft tones, arcasha stands for timeless design focusing on an enjoyable home for everyone.

Cristina Mocan